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Welcome to Homesbury. Our aim is to supply top grade vegetable oil at wholesale prices throughout Shrewsbury and Shropshire. We are based in Kenley, Shropshire and we are able to supply high quality vegetable oil at very affordable prices for you and your business.

As a responsible small sustainable energy company, we are committed to providing the highest quality fuels that are environmentally friendly from all perspectives. We hope to supply enough oil locally and in the Midlands to expand as rapidly as the business will allow.

We already have an established base of local clients who appreciate the quality and price of our vegetable oil and we buy it back after being used!

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As the interest in Biodiesel fuels is rapidly growing in Shropshire we have an ever growing number of individuals, restaurants and businesses choosing to buy competitively priced oil and reap further rewards as we buy it back after being used.





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